Cabos 0.8.2

A P2P client based on LimeWire, with iTunes integration


  • Similar to Limewire
  • Gnutella 3rd biggest P2P network
  • iTunes and iPod integration



    Cabos may not be as famous as Limewire or eMule but it remains a very good peer to peer file sharing client.

    In fact, users of Limewire will immediately find the similarities in Cabos' interface.

    Your network, downloads and uploads are easily accessible from the menu on the left. Elements in these sections will be displayed in a list in the center of the interface.

    The search box on the top left is the best way to look for content, and given that Cabos makes use of Gnutella, the third biggest peer to peer network, you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for.

    Thanks to iTunes integration, you can search for tracks or videos stored in Apple's media player directly from Cabos.

    The peer to peer client may not have any advanced features and you may not always benefit from ultrafast connection speeds, however it remains a very simple to use P2P application.

    What worries us though is that the client has not been updated for a while, and could be in need of some improvements.

    Cabos is an easy to use P2P client which makes use of the third biggest peer to peer network, Gnutella.

    Cabos is Gnutella file sharing program based on LimeWire and Acquisition. It is free software. No spyware. No adware. Guaranteed. Cabos provides a simple sidebar interface, firewall to firewall transfers, proxy transfers, Universal Plug and Play, iTunes + iPod integration, Creative Commons integration, "What's New?



    Cabos 0.8.2

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